Wedding Fashion

The core of wedding fashion is that woman want to be admired and feel feminine, no matter their age or size.  That is what we try to achieve with the brands that we have on offer.

Presen of Barcelona typifies this description. It has it all. It is feminine, colourful, well cut and makes a woman feel great. Should the customer require short to the knee dresses, or dresses with sleeves or a bolero, jacket or even a coat, we have it with a nice sleeve, which she can wear in a warm climate.

Trouser suits are now also in demand, and as far as wedding guests are concerned, the world is their oyster. We offer stretch dresses with sleeves in great colours such as amethyst, royal and red tartan (tartan is top of the list for fashion this season).

For wedding guests, we offer cocktail dresses in lace from Soma London in cream and black, with sleeves both long and short. For the more contemporary wedding guest we have Diva, which comprises simple dresses with sleeves and detail, they all affordable and wear again. Save the Queen have produced really nice jersey dresses with lace and velvet trims, which are very chic.

We have also introduced a great new idea from Eclipse of Spain, who have created lovely short lace dresses with chiffon sleeves, which can be worn long if a chiffon skirt is added, thus transforming short to long from one outfit. Colours are vanilla, pastel pink and pale turquoise, which are all ideal for weddings abroad. Tartan is especially suitable for winter weddings.

Wedding fashion is ultimately about the individual, their complexion, style, personality and what they feel happy wearing. To complement all the outfits mentioned above we offer headpieces, hats and shoes to match.

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